Sunday, 11 December 2011

Chapter 1: d-57

In year 2211,  with continuous polution, radiation, invention, and other natural disaster due to man's act and the punishments of god, earth have changed. Man have divided themselves in 3 major groups.

Technos - a group that believes technology that could changed or replace anything that is missing.

Nators- a group of naturist that believes in natural healing, miracle of gods and natures, practicing myths of act that was once long forgotten.

Commo - street survivor that scrape everything they could, and make use of everything they can to carry on their survival in a poluted and radiated earth.

In the centre of manhattan, NY, the glorious landscape have changed, all the glasses of the buildings are smashed down. The sun is high up on the sky on this very afternoon, looking fierce deep red in tone. Temperature hits 55 degree, and the whole city is covered with dust. It is a tough condition for any living creature to roam around on the surface anymore. All these are cause by the breakage of ozone. Walls between buildings are torn down to maintain a covered traffic, glasses on building are smashed down replaced with cloth constantly sprayed by water with the access of water melt from the iceberg to maintain a cooling damp interior for mankind to live and interact. Most of the citizens of manhattan today are commos. Surviving through generations, human have developed better gene to cope with the heat and ultra violets. However, most of the day time condition are not bearable. When there's a difficult task where commo cant perform, they would go to d-57 a test subject of biochemical engineering that Improves higher adaptation gene and inteligence improvement to cope with a tougher life condition. Stories of d-57 had been spread across mankind, however nobody knew what is his capabilities, and he seldom help, because the fee is expensive, if its not paid by gold or hard cold cash, he would require fresh fruits especially banana, which is really hard to grow now.

D-57 have been living among commos for 5 years now. And is able to interact with commos very well with body language and gestures. Normally he trades for a living, being able to cope with bad condition and adapting it very quickly, d-57 face no problem scouting left over money or gold left on the surface by human from the past. Like any other commos, d-57 lived in an enclosed cabin build either underground or inside any existing building that works as a shell. But because of his ability to cope, he choose to stay at a higher level, where commos would avoid.the cabin is big, without light fittings, he installed empty plastic bottles filled up with water on top of the cabin ceiling, so the sun would shines through water and plastic to produce a bright daylight to him, energy is very expensive and worsen the earth conditions too.

May 13 2211, the sun is very hot, the oxigen is very thin, most likely caused by another burning incident in canada. Reading at 57 degree, basically, everyone is hiding inside the underground cabin or uv protected homeshell. like other living creature , d-57 a well off living chimp lazying on his couch watching 90's porno, enjoying every puff of his menthol flavoured cigarette. A loud and rapid knock stomping on its cabins door, irritated by the interuption, he step down from his couch, walking slowly on a mixture of rustic floorboard made from wood, which he manage to find in abandoned buildings.  When he opened the door he saw a female commo, dark long brownish hair with deep black smokey eyes, smear staining from eyes to cheek. Stuttered and panting looking at d-57. Lisa is her name, a beautiful looking brunette with big eyes and long eye lashes, nose is rather flat for a caucasian, looks more like an eurasian, however she had a cut and stitched up lips. Nobody knows why. Without a word lisa grab his arm and drag him. Surprise by the act, he followed the lady quietly, he later found out that she is not even speaking up, maybe it's her stitched up lips? Maybe she's mute? And there he reached lisa's cabin seeing, taking fast steps into the house, he only manage to see the kitchen with boiling pots drops on the kitchen, with some starchy substance on the ground, should be her lunch. Lisa grabbed d-57's arm and walked into a corner where there lies a 6month old looking baby turning purple, she then took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a note.

"please help my baby, he needs pure oxigen, the condition today is very bad, the oxigen in the air is too thin for him to breathe and the technos hospital is charging an amount i couldnt pay in my life.the nator wants my organ in exchange, i cant leave my baby alone, he cant live without me, some people say you could help, you are my only hope"

After seeing the note, d-57 ran to the toilet and break several pipe with an elbow attached to it, then took out a pile of low class marijuana with mixtures of hay and starts lighting it smoking through the pipe bong. Lisa was terrified by his act, he pushed her away when she wanted to stops him, and he starts taking a big puff and exhale it on the babys face. Lisa was shocked thinking that the chimp must have misunderstood me for easing my babys death, there she broke down and cry silently.

Writer's note.

This story might be fiction but all the content being written down in a world the world had come to today. Eventhough some of the content might contains religion believes, folk tale, myths and fantasy, this story should inject a fear of what we are producing the earth to be what it is today and possibilities and some of content might even come true. We have heard news, stories, scientific reports or even witness with our own eye on clones, synthetic organs and body parts, bio chemical engineering and so on. On the other end, sightings of ufo, aliens, creatures from a group of believers. Nature disasters and explosion of nuclear plant with nuclear radiotion and etc etc. All of this contribute to the content on this work. However it is not so much on human, it is a story about how anima, have been affected. To conclude, be eco-alert and preserve the world to become a better place for our children and future generations thank you.